Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stylish Living +Projects 1-4/10+

Up to this point, I've shared with you my personal style but what you don't know is that I like to keep my living space just as stylish. That is why I've come up with 10 projects that I want to accomplish in my living space and share with you my progress! I haven't set myself a deadline yet to accomplish all 10 projects but I am going to do 4 at a time, with 2 being the finales (for no reason in particular...).

1) Find an Apartment Currently, I am living with my parents in the home I grew up in and as wonderful as they are, how glorious free-rent is, and how much I've come to love my bedroom here, it is time to go... again. I do all my work and play in the city which is miles and miles away so a place in Denver would definitely save me some time and gas money. Already my friend and I have been looking for places but our move out goal is May 1st- giving us time to find the perfect little bungalow for our two crazy-awesome lives.

2) Jewelry Display Frames I came across these frames in my old bedroom, put some nails into them and hung my jewelry on them. The nails weren't very secure so eventually everything fell off of them. I have better ideas on how to design these frames and make them more functional at the same time. Those statement pieces can be real heavy and need a secure location to be displayed.

3) Personalized Picture Display As you may have noticed, I dabble in photography. In this big space above my bed I'd like to display a set of my own photographs on wood canvases! Still haven't picked a subject but I already know who will be printing them for me!

4) Mason Jar Night Light I bought this mason jar to stuff stringed lights into and have as a night light BUT I was never able to find stringed lights! Well, I'm ready to try harder and finish this project already.

Do you have any projects you'd like to work on to style up your living space? //

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